CONCHUS was created by two passionate people, with the aim to educate, promote, encourage and support people who are ‘conchus’ about the impact of their waste on the environment and global pollution.

We have a background in running a business in the food industry, and have always been aware of waste. From the beginning we used recyclable and compostable packaging, and tried to recycle or reuse as much of our supplier packaging as possible.

We started making changes at home, to get our plastic waste (even recyclable plastic) down to an absolute minimum, and go plastic free in as many areas as we could.

This was when we fell in love with making soap 🙂


When we started addressing plastic waste in the areas of our house, we were shocked at the number of bottles of shower gels, face wash, hand wash, shampoo and conditioner that as a family of 4 we generated each week! Not to mention the plastic stems of earbuds, plastic handles of razors and toothbrushes, plastic tubes of toothpaste, plastic caps on shaving gels…

We made a commitment to rid our house of all plastic waste in this area.

After researching (and researching, and researching) how to make soap, we made our first batches and instantly fell in love with it! We got such a buzz and ‘feel-good’ from using these beautifully made soaps, knowing that we were washing ourselves with no chemicals, detergents or synthetic ingredients, that when the bubbles washed down the drain it wasn’t going to be harmful on the waster system, and when our bars were all used and gone – they really were gone with zero waste left to recycle, process or landfill 🙂

After a little adjustment, we very quickly starting using soap bars for our bodies, hair and face as a family. Our skin feels great, our hair feels thick, and they both look so healthy.

We were so passionate about the difference this was making for us, as one household in millions and millions, that we started sharing what we were doing with our friends and family, in Facebook groups, and anyone else we came into contact with.  We also loved making soap bars, and experimenting with natural ingredients, like oils, butters, milks and botanicals (and realistically we couldn’t use it all ourselves!).

Using the skills, knowledge and expertise that we had built from our previous business we knew we had to share our wonderful bars, but more importantly, show other people that making these changes was easy, without compromise, and would hugely benefit their body and the environment, in a modern and different way. 

Plastic waste and pollution is a HUGE problem Worldwide. We’re thankful that governments are now taking environmental issues more seriously, and making changes to legislation that will make a real difference. Our social media timelines are also full shocking videos, and photos of beautiful beaches and ocean, that is suffocating with plastic waste. How many more graphic images will we all have to see of marine life strangled in plastic drinks packaging, or the carcasses of dead sea birds and whales that have stomachs full of plastic waste, or beautiful turtles sweeping away the plastic rubbish on beaches to desperately try to nest.

The issue is now far too big to ignore. We must all make changes for the future AND IT’S A COMPLETE NO-BRAINER WHEN THERE ARE GREAT ALTERNATIVES FOR EVERYONE TO USE.

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